StereoGrid is a music distribution and song management platform that allows artists to distribute their music directly to highly influential music websites. Our platform announces new promotional music to music websites, and then curates, widgetizes and monitors where the song is published across the web, and reports back the results in real-time!

We describe ourselves as PRNewsire for promotional music.

For artists, bands, labels, and PR firms

As an artists, label or PR firm you can easily upload and release music to our highly influential network of music websites and blogs while maintaining control of your music. We provide artists with valuable listening, download, and geo-location data while monitoring and reporting how the music spreads across the internet in real-time.

For music bloggers and music websites

As a music website or blogger you can use StereoGrid to manage the high volume of music submissions that you receive on a daily basis. StereoGrid helps you more efficiently accept music submissions with our drop box management system, identify trending artists and songs, discover new music, see what music other websites are publishing, easily create song media player widgets, access additional artist marketing assets, and track how the music you publish spreads to the rest of the world.

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