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How to Embed StereoGrid Widgets on Tumblr

We realize that Tumblr is growing like crazy and has quickly become a popular platform for sharing and promoting music. After a bit of research, we figured out how to easily embed StereoGrid widgets on Tumblr with only a few … Continue reading

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Music Bloggers: The New Radio Program Managers

One of the core features of StereoGrid is the Analytics Dashboard that we provide to music bloggers. When bloggers post music to their websites using our StereoGrid media player widgets, we aggregate what we refer to as song engagement metrics … Continue reading

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What is StereoGrid?

StereoGrid is a concept that I’ve been thinking about for over 10 years now. Many life events and much experimentation has gone into developing the concept, and the concept continues to evolve even today. At its core, StereoGrid is a … Continue reading

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