Don’t Just Listen to Your Favorite Band, Sign Them

According to VentureBeat, Seattle-based Luca Sacchetti just launched the beta of music social network Rockstar Motel where the idea is users get to work with and purchase stock in the bands they like, and/or “sign them.”

As far as we can tell, the object of the service is to empower music fans in helping their favorite bands get promotion and fame, perhaps similar to Sellaband. Cool concept, but the incentive returns will be interesting. It seems the service will enable music fans and bands to work together with an end goal to help the band make it big, as well as offer another outlet for discovering new music. It’s kind of a mixed bag between Bandcamp and free download in exchange for sharing services.

Regardless, the creator sounds genuine and highly emotional, so this project will be an interesting product to track in the future. Sign up for the beta now if you’re interested.

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