How StereoGrid Works

We’ve been so busy building StereoGrid, that we just now realized that we hadn’t even put together a guide on how to use our platform. Well, we’re fixing that problem right now!

We’re doing some really interesting things and have created some killer features that we want to make sure that you as our users take full advantage of and enable. StereoGrid should make your life easier as a music blogger/artist, not harder!

Setting Up Your Drop Box

Location: Dashboard > Settings > Drop Box Settings

Many music bloggers either have a music submission page or a submission email address that allows artists, labels or PR firms to send them music directly. When building StereoGrid, we wanted to make sure that we continued to give bloggers the ability to accept submissions, but in a way that prevents them from having to scour through hundreds of emails to find a song or two that might be worth posting. This is why we provide each blogger with a custom Drop Box.

Our Drop Box allows you to easily accept music submissions directly from artists, labels or PR firms that visit your blog. We give each blogger a custom Drop Box URL (Example.)

All music that is submitted to you via your public Drop Box form is then delivered to your Drop Box within StereoGrid where you can easily preview the song and copy the embed code for the media player if you choose to post the song to your website. Once you post the song, we notify the person who submitted the song that its live on your site!

Configuring Your Default Media Player Style

Location: Dashboard > Settings > Player Settings

Currently, we have four different media player styles that you can choose from. Once you set a style you like, each time you copy embed code from StereoGrid, the player will default to this style.

Uploading Music to StereoGrid

There are currently two primary ways to upload music to StereoGrid, direct upload and email upload.

When you upload a song via the direct upload form, we first try to auto-populate the song tags based on the ID3 data, including artist name and song title. If we can’t detect the ID3 tags or if the tags are “dirty” we give users the opportunity to edit them prior to upload. Making sure that you provide the proper tags with the file upon upload is extremely important for a number of reasons that we won’t explain now. Just trust us!

Also, to save even more time, make sure that you do a search for the song on StereoGrid prior to uploading. There is a good chance that we already have it! If we do, you can embed it to your website immediately.

In the extremely near future, we’re going to allow you to do a URL upload (provide a link to a URL with a .mp3 file and we import the file). We’re also working on other ways to get music into StereoGrid, but you’ll have to wait on the edge of your seat in anticipation for those features.

Exclusive Song Releases

We realize that often times many bloggers get exclusives on new releases. If you’d like to keep the song as an exclusive for your website prior to sharing with the rest of the StereoGrid Network, simply click the “Exclusive” box. The song will remain an exclusive to you until 48hrs after you post the song to your website.

Receiving Song Notification Emails

Dashboard > Settings > Email Notifications

To date we only send two different song notification emails once a day, Hottest Tracks and a Drop Box Digest. Hottest Tracks shows you a quick snapshot of the most popular music on StereoGrid within the past 3 days. The Drop Box Digest email is a daily digest of all the music that has been sent to your Drop Box via the Drop Box upload form on your website.

We will be adding many more alert types in the future to make sure that you are aware of the new music that is most relevant to the music that you are already posting to your website.

Dashboard Music Feed & Discovering New Music to Post

All music that is uploaded to StereoGrid, whether from our bloggers or from public Drop Box forms, is shared with all bloggers within our network. We then curate the music and make recommendations on what songs to post based on the data we have about that artist or song.

All of this music is accessible from the primary dashboard feed upon login. You can filter the feed by Popularity, Upload Date, and Recent Posts.

  • Popularity: Filters songs by the songs that have the most plays within the past 3 days. Music that hasn’t been posted to a blog and has no plays will never show up in this list.
  • Upload Date: Filters songs by what has been most recently uploaded to StereoGrid. This list includes all music that has been uploaded in the past 3 days.
  • Recent Posts: Filters songs that have been recently posted live to blogs within our network.

Once you embed a song to your blog, its removed from the main feed and can be found on your “My Site” page.


When you click the Bookmark button, the song is added to the Bookmark feed. This is an easy way to queue up music that you’d like to post at a later date.

Network Stats

Network Stats is a quick snapshot of the song’s performance across the StereoGrid Network. You can see which blogs have posted the song and associated plays, downloads, and shares to social networks.

We use this data to give the song a “Hotness” rating.

Embedding the Media Player to your Website

Embedding a song to your blog is extremely easy. Simply click “Embed Track” and copy/paste the embed code to your content management system. If you notice any bugs or the widget is styled incorrectly once published live, please contact us (

Viewing “My Site” Listening Metrics

Your “My Site” page shows how your blog readers engage with the music that you post. On this page, you can see how the plays and downloads of the songs you post trend over time. You can also change the date range if you’d like to see a certain segment of activity.

In future StereoGrid releases you’ll be able to see geolocation data and have the ability to export reports.

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