How to Use StereoGrid

StereoGrid is the easiest way to get your music in front of music bloggers, press, and your fans. We do a few things really well:

1) Send a well-designed email announcement of your new release to your press list (If you don’t have a press list, its ok. This is also completely optional).

2) Announce your music to the StereoGrid Network of music bloggers and press who login to our platform daily to listen to and receive new music.

3) Connect you with your fans. Once a music blog (or you) post your music on any website with our media player widget, fans enter their email address to download your song. We then give you to export these email addresses so you can email your fans new music in the future either through StereoGrid or through another fan email platform.

So, Get Started!

Oh Yea, we’ve also been featured on these websites.

Login to StereoGrid with your Facebook Account

Please note that all releases you create will be associated with the Facebook account that you login with. So, if multiple people need access to your releases, you may want to create a Facebook account just for StereoGrid.

Create a Release

Creating a release with StereoGrid is extremely easy. Either upload a song or import one from SoundCloud. Add details about your release and off you go!

In this step you can also specify whether or not your song is available for download or stream-only.

Send the Song to your Press List

We highly recommend that you email your song to your press list. Bloggers and press that are already familiar with your music are most likely to post your music. You can also make your music exclusive to your press list if you don’t want other bloggers or press outlets on StereoGrid to receive your music.

Get Some Press Love!

Once your song is live on any website we start reporting analytics back to your StereoGrid account. We tell you who posted your song live, the # of plays, # of downloads, and # of social shares.

Collect Fan Email Addresses

When your fans download your music we collect their email address. We give you all these email addresses when you unlock Premium Analytics for our song (Only $5 per release or $30/month for unlimited releases).

Song Analytics

Unlock Premium Analytics for your song for $5 or for $30/month get unlimited analytics. We then show you detailed analytics on how your song is performing on the StereoGrid Network. You can also Export all of the fan email addresses that have been collected for you via our media players.

When you unlock Premium Analytics we also tell you exactly what websites posted your song live and the resulting activity.

Get Started Now!

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