MOG Is Going Free. So what does this mean for Spotify?

MOG will be launching a new free streaming music service that competes directly with Spotify.  Instead of giving free users a set amount of hours a month, MOG gives users a “gas tank” filled with a specific number of free track plays for the month.

How exactly does the “gas tank” work?

To keep it full, users have to be actively sharing playlists with friends on social networks, in addition to exploring and sharing MOG.  The goal is to reward users with free music listening in exchange for promoting MOG virally.

Business Insider is skeptical of MOG’s new plan. “While we like the ‘gas tank’ concept” they wrote,  ”we wish that MOG would fill it up again at the beginning of each month in addition to rewarding you with more tracks for remaining active on the site. We think that puts MOG at a slight disadvantage to Spotify.”

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