More Music Tech Start-Ups Aim to Empower Fans

We wrote last week about music start-up Rockstar Motel that essentially allows bands/artists to crowd-source their fans to team-up to support the music via promotion, and HypeBot shared some more start-ups getting in on the power-to-the-fans model. Looks to us like a trend, and it’s an interesting concept to keep track of.

The post cites several other companies that are doing similar things like ChatWithTheBand which works as aFacebook app to let fans interact with bands via social video, WrapitinMusic which helps bands crowd-source resources to fund and promote business and GigFunder which is basically a KickStarter for concerts.

Perhaps the bigger trend in social media, in general, is keying on mobilization, and in music, it’s about mobilizing passionate fan bases to keep music alive. It’ll be interesting which of these start-ups mobilizes fans best. What do you think?

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