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Another Wednesday. Another Blogger Q+A. This week we shine the spotlight on blahblahblahscience (or B3Science if you’re cool.) We talked to Mike, one of the co-creators of the blog about how a new artist may catch someone’s attention & an interesting James Brown rating system used on his site.

When, How & Why did you start B3Science?

Troy (co-creator) and I played in a band together during high school and into college, and due to numerous circumstances we’ve yet to be in the same city to reform the project. The world best be ready for when we do. Either way, we found ourselves always still sharing music with each other and b3sci sort of formed out of that. That and we wanted to destroy the negative perceptions of some really great music that so many ‘blogs’ seem(ed) to hate on too frequently.

What albums/mixtapes have been in your heavy rotation in 2011?

Michael Kiwanuka’s “I’m Getting Ready” EP has been blowing us away. ASAP Rocky, James Vincent McMorrow, The Peach Kings, Noel Gallagher’s forthcoming album. Marina and the Diamonds’ “Radioactive” record. Maverick Sabre. Tayyib Ali is a new force to be reckoned with. That Labrinth “Earthquake” record with Tinie Tempah, that shit would blow up if it ever got on US radio. And the list goes on…

Something I noticed while checking out the site, what inspired you to have the different faces of James Brown as a rating system?

Haha, often when I’m listening through records, and I’m thinking “Wow, is this actually good or is it garbage?” I’ll think of JB. I ask myself, “Would James Brown like this? Would he actually like listening to it? Would he “feel good” listening to it?” haha. Also, James Brown is a fucking legend and the pictures are cool. And also, it’s sort of a mockery on “music rating” in general.

How does a new song/artist catch your attention?

We are major students of pop songwriting. The skill’s got to be there, the melodies, the arrangements, etc. And there’s gotta be soul in there too. We gotta feel something when we listen to it. And if it makes us move too, that’s just a bonus. Other stuff: where is the artist coming from and where are they looking to go? Is the artist consistent, is there a story there, etc.

What sets B3Science apart from other music blogs?

Taste. We’re a songs blog. It’s about great songs. It’s why we do this, real songs and ideas stand the test of time. As a result the music we cover runs through most genres. We don’t care. Is there a song there? That’s what we care about. Stature of the artist, perception of the artist, what “established” music blogs are saying about the artist. We don’t care.  None of that shit matters. Music matters first. We use our experience as bloggers, and musicians, and in the industry to break music that we know the world should be listening to… or will be listening to in the near future.

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