Q+A: Pigeons & Planes

For this week’s installment of the uber-popular Blogger Q+A series, we got to talk to Confusion from Pigeons & Planes.¬† Confusion tells us about the history of P&P, what defines his blog from the rest & what artist content catches his attention best.

When, How & Why did you start Pigeons & Planes?

I started it at the end of 2008. It was a spur of the moment thing. I had no plan, no intentions to go anywhere. I just looked into it, realized how easy it was to set up, and started writing. I don’t think I told anyone I even started it. A few days later I told my girlfriend at the time. I still remember getting 100 hits one day and celebrating my success.

What do you think uniquely defines Pigeons & Planes, compared to other music blogs?

I feel like P&P has a soul. It sounds stupid, but when you read a lot of blogs you get a lifeless, machine-like feel. We aren’t just robotically pumping out posts. Sometimes we say “I.” Sometimes we throw in little pieces of ourselves. We hand-pick things instead of just posting exactly what everyone else is posting. Over the years, we’ve gotten more professional and better at what we do (fact checking, writing, working directly with artists and labels, etc.) but we still have that human touch. And good taste.

What type of artist content or pitch gets your attention best?

I guess the pitches that get my most attention are the simple ones that make it easy to check out the music. When it comes to indie/unknown artists, it all depends on the music. If I get an email with 20 attachments, a short story’s worth of writing, and links to everything the artist has ever done, I’m not likely to check it out. If I see a simple message with one song, and if I like that song, I’m going to do what I can to support.

What albums/mixtapes/artists have been in your heavy rotation in 2011?

Right now I’m really loving the Youth Lagoon album, The Year In Hibernation. I’m still listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 a good amount¬†and ASAP Rocky’s new tape. I’m also really loving this new indie band called Shadows On Stars. Some other artists I’m feeling are The Weeknd, Skizzy Mars, Cults, G-Eazy, Icona Pop, Danny Brown, e-dubble, Atmosphere, Foster the people, and a lot of obscure shit that I find on the internet. Drake is killing it this year–his album is going to be huge. And Watch The Throne only gets better with time. I listen to so much music every day it’s hard to even just name a few. Despite listening to new music all the time, I also listen to a lot of old music on a regular basis–Elliott Smith’s Either/Or, Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. They’re all in heavy rotation as this cold weather comes in to NYC. You’ve gotta have those seasonal favorites, you know? I’ve also been recently listening to a lot of techno. Just kidding, nobody listens to techno. It’s terrible.

Any advice to any up-coming artists that are looking to attract attention?

Pretty much everyone who catches a big break (based on their music–connections is a different story) gets it because they’re doing something differently. If you see some new trend coming along, don’t get sucked in by it. Be yourself, do what you think is cool, and try to do it so well that other people start to think it’s cool too. And be really fucking passionate. That’s lacking in today’s music world, and when listeners pick up on it, it’s contagious.

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