Q+A: Potholes in My Blog

We may have been M.I.A. last week but we’re back this week with another installment of our Blogger Q+A series.  This week we spotlight the blog Potholes in My Blog.  We talk with CEO David Reyneke about what sets his blog apart from the rest & what music he’s been spinning in 2011.

When, How & Why did you start Potholes in My Blog?

January of 2009 we launched Potholes In My Blog. It was originally just Gedi (Dabakaeri) and myself who launched the site, as we weren’t satisfied with the current hip-hop blog climate at the time. It was a pretty simple process, just took a couple hundred bucks to register a domain and get a designer to code our primitive wordpress design. Other than that, it took a lot of hardwork in promoting around the internet and getting people to latch on to our ideas.

What makes Potholes in My Blog different from other blogs?

Potholes In My Blog is different from other blogs mostly because of our unique taste of music. We specialize in hip-hop, but also have a keen ear for indie and electronic music. I think that our standard of high quality writing also sets us apart form the competition, as we never like to fall into the trap of become a “cookie cutter” blog.

What are some of your favorite Albums/Mixtapes of the year?

2011 has been a very exciting year for music, and especially hip-hop. We have been spinning a lot of Kendrick Lamar, Shabazz Palaces, Beastie Boys, Big K.R.I.T., Curren$y, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Watch The Throne and more. Those are the ones that come to mind right off the bat!

In your opinion, what is the best way to market yourself and break through the “noise” as a new artist?

As a new artist, I would focus on the craft above all else. Once you can make quality product, then it is time to focus on your social media presence and hitting up blogs and such to build hype. Always present yourself professionally and keep a very strong brand image. It is all about keeping your brand and product as high quality as possible.

What would you suggest to someone starting a music blog to set themselves apart from the other music blogs out there?

In starting a blog, you need to first question the reasons for doing so. Are you in this for the right reasons? After that, make sure you be yourself and promote the music that you actually enjoy, not what you think the audience will. And above all else, try and do things differently. The last thing we need is another link heavy blog that just posts the hottest new mp3s from rappers we already know about.

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