Q+A: Rap Genius

For this week’s Q+A, we shine the spotlight on the blog Rap Genius.  We spoke to the website’s founder, Mahbod, about the increasingly popular blog , asked about the hardest song to ever have been “decoded,” and discussed what a day of running Rap Genius is like. Enjoy.

When, How & Why did you start Rap Genius?

My boy Tom asked me about the line “80 holes in your shirt: there your own Jamaican clothes” on Killa Cam’s Family Ties – the explanation I gave him was actually wrong LOL – but somebody fixed it. THANK GOD: http://rapgenius.com/Camron-family-ties-lyrics

In your opinion, what has been the hardest song to figure out that yourself or the Rap Genius community has had to crack?

No diggity, no doubt: it’s the Lupester’s “Failure”: http://rapgenius.com/Lupe-fiasco-failure-lyrics

What albums/mixtapes have caught your attention in 2011?

Oh you mean the best year of hip-hop in over a decade? Lessee here..

Pusha’s mixtape: http://rapgenius.com/posts/Pusha-s-fear-of-god-mixtape-don-t-be-scurred

Goblin: http://rapgenius.com/posts/Tyler-the-creator-goblin

My boy Kendrick’s Section 80: http://rapgenius.com/albums/Kendrick-lamar/Section-80

Watch the Throne: http://rapgenius.com/albums/Kanye-west-jay-z/Watch-the-throne

TOO MANY! I hope next year doesn’t suck to compensate..

What’s a daily routine of running Rap Genius like?

Rap Genius is like roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit. Also we do 500 push ups / pull ups a day and kick rhymes for sport.

Any advice to aspiring bloggers out there?

Join the Rap Genius blog family.. hit me up at mahbod@rapgenius.com.. it’s a movement you gotta be in tune with.


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