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We apologize for the delay in this week’s edition of our weekly Blogger Q+A series, but we had scheduling mishaps. No matter! This week, we’re featuring a blogger a little more under the radar with a much different background compared to most of the hip-hop curators we come across. To be fair, Lydia Simmons of Sunset in the Rearview isn’t just into hip-hop; she’s not even a daily Starbucks dweller. By day, she’s works for an ad agency, and every other moment? Well, she’s writing about her favorite music and getting plenty of attention for it. The best part is she uses words like “braggadocious.”

You have a unique background for a music blogger. What does the blog mean to you in your life working in advertising?

Blogging is, in fact, a side job. You might even call it a hobby. But to me, it’s so much more than that. Time-wise, I consider it a second full-time job. Thing is, though, nobody ever wants one of those, particularly if it means you’re practically working for free. But I absolutely love it. The things it has done for me are invaluable – I’ve improved my writing, my knowledge of music, have gotten to meet artists I never would have imagined standing face to face with, have been given press credentials to music festivals…it runs the gamut. At the end of the day, the blog is like a child to me. My day job in advertising is great, and I give it my all, but my heart is with the blog.

Are there other women music bloggers that you actively follow? In general, what are your favorite music blogs?

There are other female bloggers I follow! My two favorites are ironically both named Heather. Heather from herfection.com, a hip hop blog, and Heather from fuelfriendsblog.com, an indie/folk band. I also love Jessica from NewMusicCo.blogspot.com; she often writes for Sunset in the Rearview, as well. I lucked out on that one. My favorite blog of all time, though, will forever be Pigeons and Planes. Shout out to Confusion – my best friend for life in the blog world.

What criteria determines the type of music that Sunset in the Rearview covers?

I’m not sure there is certain “criteria,” really. Everything that I post is something that I love. I have a large palette for music, though. Hip hop, indie rock, folk, sometimes even a little punk rock…I love it. It’s just finding the quality music within those genres, and those are the songs I’ll put up on the site. That being said, I am a sucker for songs that meaning. Lyrics mean a lot to me. And piano in a hip hop song? Mm. Melts my heart.

Favorite artists this year?

Kid Cudi will always be a favorite. J. Cole, Bon Iver, David Bazan, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Reptar, Theophilus London, Foster The People…this list could go on and on. But those are some top favorites right there.

What’d you think of the WTT album? Do you foresee a Lil Wayne/Drake collabo competing with the project in the future?

I loved the album. I thought there were some obvious flaws here and there, but they did a good job. Taken straight from a formal album review that I wrote

As one who isn’t much for braggadocious hip hop, I was nervous about the outcome of this album, but Ye and Jay were able to pull it off. Watch The Throne is more than what it sounds at first listen, because there is so much between the lines that begs for interpretation. They were able to talk quite honestly about the state of their lives and what it’s like to have everything at your fingertips, but at the same time talk about what is relatable and understood by common folk, and what is often an untouched area by rappers who fear being tagged as preachy. Ye and Jay approached both topics successfully. At once, this is a fuck you, thank you, and mind you to the world from two men doubted by nature, but who, through their own talents and wits, rose from rags to riches.

Do I see a Drake and Lil Wayne album coming? Sure, they’ll probably do that. We all follow the trends, right? But do I see it comparing? No. It can’t. Because the content won’t be the same. I can see a couple good songs coming out of that, where Weezy and Drizzy spit some honest bars about their lives (like we’ve recently been seeing Drake do), but to me, Lil Wayne’s been dropping quickly. Ever since he got out of jail, his songs have yet to impress me. I’d be glad to see him prove me wrong, though.

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