RockStar Motel Opens Platform To Fans & Bands

RockStar Motel leaves beta today in the US, UK & Canada.  The social network with game elements features a fan signing band approach in which fans are encouraged to become superfans via in-network recognition.

RockStar Motel is an innovative site with the mighty challenge of reaching a sizable number of users who appreciate the opportunity to support musicians by promoting the within a social setting.  CEO Lucia Sacchetti is hoping to unveil a platform that will directly connect bands with fans

Independent artists are now able to set up accounts with RockStar Motel & able to make their content available in house.  RockStar Motel is also thinking of additional ways to feature artists and fans.

A network feed across all accounts promotes new artist signups for a 24 hour period.  A chart feature that will feature “superfans” will promote fans giving them additional recognition across the network.

RockStar Motel has also developed a new networking feature for public launch that draws on fan analytics & identifies fans that might be a good match for particular music acts.

RockStar Motel is an example of a new platform for promoting music that face formidable challenges with a great deal of growth potential if successful.

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