TopSpin CEO Senses Major Power Shift Away From Music Publishers

In an interview with the Music Think Tank, CEO Ian Rodgers of direct-to-fan music marketing company TopSpin Media, argued that ‘middle-class’ musicians are finding ways to thrive using independent services, except that it takes “a really long time” to get to the next level.

“There is something massive going on, not just in the music business, but in all content creation,” Rodgers said. “For a long time, we’ve been saying there’s a power shift from the label to the artist. Similarly, there is a power shift from the manufacturer to the publisher.”

With the industry’s limitless resources for musicians to market their own brand, big-time publishers are losing their stranglehold on the middle-ground musicians working their way up, as long as bands are willing to grind out for five to eight years. Take Metric or The Black Keys for example; they were active for nearly a decade before reaching national recognition.

Tough? Absolutely. But can middle-level musicians survive on their own? Apparently. StereoGrid is here to help them get to the next level.

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