What is StereoGrid?

StereoGrid is a concept that I’ve been thinking about for over 10 years now. Many life events and much experimentation has gone into developing the concept, and the concept continues to evolve even today.

At its core, StereoGrid is a music distribution and song management platform that allows artists to distribute music straight to music websites – think of it as PRNewswire for promotional music releases.

However, unlike PRNewswire StereoGrid is a two-sided platform – both artists and bloggers can submit music to the platform, we widgetize it, curate the music and make recommendations on what bloggers should post based on recency, playback data, and aggregate posts across our network of websites, and finally, aggregate playback, viral spread, and other data for the track as the song is embedded across the internet.

Currently, labels and artists hire marketing interns or PR firms to solicit music websites to review promotional music and videos in an effort to build buzz for artists. This process more often than not starts with building a massive email list of music websites, mass emailing the list a link to the song file with MailChimp or FanBridge, and then hoping for the best – all while losing control of where the intended recipients upload the song next and losing any hope of easily aggregating song engagement metrics.

We not only want to improve this process, but also bring greater transparency to the promotional music marketing process. Almost daily there seems to be a new story about labels going after music websites for posting promotional music (read: Universal Goes to War Against Popular Hiphop Websites and Blogs) while artists and PR firms have given those same websites permission to post the music (read: Drake vs. Universal). We hope to play a role in cleaning up this process.


StereoGrid is the distribution layer that sits between artists, labels, PR firms and music websites pushing music out, and pulling data back in.

File-hosting websites like Rapidshare and Hulkshare aren’t built with the artist in mind. They aren’t built with music curation in mind. They definitely aren’t built with smart song tracking and analytics in mind. We’re trying to build something that does these things in a simple, yet effective manner, while bringing transparency to the music that labels and PR firms are authorizing as promo material, but also providing them with infinitely more value (read: control of their music and better data) than they’re getting from a RapidShare, Hulkshare, Usershare or even a SoundCloud service.

We’re working hard to bring this product to market. We’re about 2 weeks away from our alpha. If you’d like to get in touch, email us! We work from WeWorkLabs in NYC.


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